We believe the best way to promote overall health is through preventative care. Regular checkups allow us to establish a baseline in your pets’ health and make us aware of any changes that may indicate future problems.

We highly recommend bringing your pet in for regular exams. Often health problems that go undetected can become more severe issues when left untreated, so checkups are important even when your pet appears healthy.


Like any traditional veterinary clinic, we offer the standard vaccines for both cats and dogs. We do recommend puppies and kittens complete a series of vaccines for optimal protection against infectious diseases like parvovirus, distemper, and feline leukemia.

As they grow, however, we build a vaccine protocol suited to your dog’s lifestyle. Once pets reach adulthood, we vaccinate for the core diseases every 3 years instead of yearly. Some vaccines, because of the type of organism it protects against, must be administered yearly however you always have the final say regarding your pets’ health.

Additionally, we offer reference laboratory titer testing for rabies, distemper, and parvo as an alternative to vaccination. Please note that there is no established protective titer for rabies and Arkansas state law requires all dogs and cats be vaccinated regardless of titer status.

Give us a call today to learn more about preventative medicine and how we can care for your pet.